Today: 07.Mar.2021

TRCS, The Right Climate Stuff: Retired NASA Apollo Moon Program scientists, engineers and select others. Will increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide emitted from human activity reach a level that endangers human welfare and the health of the biosphere? The answer to this question has been the focus of The Right Climate Stuff research team. Our conclusion? Not likely. The rationale for this conclusion is the subject of this paper where we find that it is highly unlikely that added carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases will add more than 1.8 OC of warmth by the middle of the next century. This bounding of potential warming means that we do not have a rapidly developing climate problem requiring swift corrective action and transformation of economies.

Published in TRCS

Viv Forbes, Executive Director of the Saltbush Club: Industry needs low cost reliable power. We must ensure that EVERY electricity generator who connects to the grid can supply reliable 24/7 power using their own backup facilities or via firm contracts.

Abandon the Zero Emissions farce. Bullock-drawn wagons, camel trains and horse teams may achieve the zero emissions dream but they will not keep our cities fed - there are no electric tractors, dozers or road trains.

This Lockdown Depression is giving us a taste of “Zero Emissions”. It is a bitter taste. It leads to unemployment and poverty with no proven benefits for nature or the climate.

Published in Australia

Paul Driessen, senior policy advisor for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow: Fifty years ago, I helped organize Earth Day #1 programs on my college campus, calling attention to serious pollution problems that afflicted much of the USA. Over the ensuing decades, laws, regulations, and changed attitudes, practices and technologies reduced most of that pollution, often dramatically. What I find fascinating in all this is the steadfast, often nasty determination of scientists, politicians and interest groups promoting alarmist themes – and profiting immensely from them – to reject and deny any science, history and evidence that undermines their claim that nothing like this ever happened before.

Published in USA

David Wojick, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, CFACT, Washington, D.C., Ph.D. Philosophy of Science and Mathematical Logic, B.Sc. Civil Engineering: After lifting the COVID-19 lockdowns, national parliaments must oppose the impracticable green agendas of supranational organizations to construct a utopian Earth. Instead of spending trillions of dollars on fighting the unpredictable changes caused by natural variability (‘autonomous changes’), parliaments should focus on adapting to those changes.

Published in USA