Today: 15.May.2021

David Wojick, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, CFACT, Washington, D.C., Ph.D. Philosophy of Science and Mathematical Logic, B.Sc. Civil Engineering: After lifting the COVID-19 lockdowns, national parliaments must oppose the impracticable green agendas of supranational organizations to construct a utopian Earth. Instead of spending trillions of dollars on fighting the unpredictable changes caused by natural variability (‘autonomous changes’), parliaments should focus on adapting to those changes.

Published in USA

David Wojick, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, CFACT, Washington, D.C., Ph.D. Philosophy of Science and Mathematical Logic, B.Sc. Civil Engineering: I recently described the all too often case where extreme computer modeling results feed the media into then feeding a public panic. A cascade of mindless fear. USA Today has provided a perfect example of promoting model based panic. Here is their panicky title: "Unsuitable for ‘human life to flourish’: Up to 3B will live in extreme heat by 2070, study warns" Three billion people will live where humans cannot survive? Seriously? Will they become billions of climate refugees? That is the absurd idea, right? This newspaper is a trusted source for many people, but here they publish pure nonsensical alarmist speculation as accepted fact.

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Fritz Vahrenholt, PhD Chemistry: How did the scientists come together (to oppose catastrophic man-made global warming hysteria) ? The Dutch climate researcher and geophysicist Professor Guus Berkhout took the initiative and wrote to critics of climate models in various countries, including me. We then promoted the text among colleagues. It’s interesting to note that there are about 150 Italian researchers on the lists, about 100 Americans and 70 Dutch, but only 14 Germans. In Germany, the mainstream is particularly dominant – one no longer dares to go against the party line.

What makes you so confident? The greening effect of CO2 is overlooked – or concealed. We should take note of the fact that the emission of greenhouse gases stimulates photosynthesis and, as a result the Sahel zone is getting greener, for example. In recent years, global photosynthesis has increased by 20 percent. Leaves are getting bigger, but also fruit and wheat grains. You cannot conceal these facts forever. Incidentally, without CO2 life on earth would literally suffocate.

Published in Germany

Fritz Vahrenholt, PhD Chemistry: Die durchschnittliche Temperaturerhöhung auf dem Globus von 1981 bis Februar 2020 betrug 0,14 °C pro Jahrzehnt..... Insgesamt geht einher die Frage, wieviel trägt die Natur und wieviel trägt der Mensch zur Klimaänderung unserer Tage bei. Die Frage nach dem jeweiligen Anteil ist alles andere als beantwortet.

A computer translation has been appended after the original German. Computer translations still make glaring errors and don't result in smooth English. An attempt was made to correct serious technical errors and put some sentences into better English.

Published in Germany
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