Today: 20.Oct.2020

Paul Driessen, CFACT: How can it be that – after countless millennia of malnutrition, disease, wretched poverty and early death – so many mostly western nations became healthy and prosperous in just 200 years? Matt Ridley says “ideas started having sex.” Deidre McCloskey opines that equality of social dignity and before the law emboldened people to invest, invent and take risks. Both are absolutely true.

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Paul Driessen, is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and Heartland Institute. Tiny amounts of this miracle molecule make life on Earth possible. Carbon dioxide performs as many miracles for our planet as antibiotics and immunizations have for mankind. That is an amazing feat for a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that represents just 0.04 percent of our atmosphere: the equivalent of just 40 cents out of $1,000.

Barack Obama is determined that the world cut back on use of fossil fuels, purportedly because of his conviction that carbon dioxide from use of this very valuable energy source is going to cause catastrophic man-made global warming. Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek describe what they think the outcome will be. Meanwhile, the natural processes that govern Earth's climate will continue to be the dominant factors determining Earth's climate. In nearly all cases, plentiful energy from fossil fuels and nuclear power will be absolutely necessary to continue to improve the lives of billions of people and deal with climate change from all causes.

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Paul Driessen reviews Pope Francis' address to the US Congress and encyclical, Laudato Si ("Praise Be to You" concerning use of fossil fuels, the topic of catastrophic man-made global warming, poverty and the environment. Driessen concludes, "Absolutely, let us have a real, open, robust conversation about these issues. And let us include everyone in it, because the energy, environmental and human rights challenges concern and affect us all."

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