Today: 26.Jul.2021

Joseph Kerwin, Founder of Yoogli advanced search engine technology: Observations of the challenges facing the website: How do we get our message out to large numbers of people and key decision makers in industry and government?

Published in USA

Alan Waltar, nuclear engineer, Past President of the American Nuclear Society: Nothing is more vital to the advancement of human civilization than the abundance of usable and affordable energy. It underpins national security, economic prosperity, and global stability.

Published in USA

Global Warming Policy Forum, GWPF, Christopher Booker, British newspaper columnist, Irving Janis, psychologist: The bizarre issue of climate catastrophism has been around sufficiently long that it has become possible to trace its history in detail. This new report published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) shows that both the science and policy of the climate debate are shaped and driven by an almost flawless example of classical Groupthink. This is invariably what happens when human beings get carried along by the crowd, simply because they have lost the urge or ability to think for themselves.”

Published in UK

Katherine Birdsong, college senior majoring in biology, advisor for education of students and young families on website: This is a story of her interest in nuclear energy as a high school and college student. It tells about the challenges she faced with teachers who didn't share her interests. This problem is pervasive in education today. Be politically correct. Agree with the majority no matter what. Is this the path to keeping America leading the world? She has learned a lot and will be better prepared to lead in whatever her chosen career.

Published in USA
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