Today: 26.Jul.2021

Kenneth Richard, author about man-made global warming for Principia Scientific and No Tricks Zone: Studies of the Earth's average temperature from North Pole to the Equator to the South Pole from around 1900 to 2020 suggests that there has be no significant change of this global average number. But alarmists have many believing that use of fossil fuels are causing catastrophic man-made global warming heading to an irreversible temperature tipping point. Even generally rational scientists claim that the world is heading toward a temperature tipping point that can only be avoided by drastic reduction in use of fossil fuels. Our modern world is threatened by bad decisions.

Published in UK

David Wojick, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, CFACT, Washington, D.C., Ph.D. Philosophy of Science and Mathematical Logic, B.Sc. Civil Engineering: This is an evaluation of a massive man-climate change assessment by "experts" in New Zealand. They claim they know what the country's climate is going to be like out to 2100 and what their government must do to control climate change. David Wojick has done the world a service by bring this report to everyone's attention and pointing out all its fallacies. Why is this important? Because it shows how absurd all the climate alarmists claims and predictions are. The world must stop paying any attention to the alarmists baseless predictions.

Published in New Zealand

John Shanahan, civil engineer, editor The American 2020 election in November will have perhaps the biggest consequences of any election in its history. CHOICE ONE: huge, even one-world government, where a few ideologues opposed to rules for a Republic established by the Founding Fathers pretend to solve all the country's energy, economic and social problems. CHOICE TWO: small government with maximum freedom for all. The choices are crystal clear and will take the United States either to a beautiful place with plentiful energy and prosperity or to where everyone is dependent on the government in a miserable economy. Wind and solar energy or fossil fuels and nuclear power. Don't decide on the personalities of the individual candidates. Decide on what they will deliver for you and our country.

Published in USA

George Chilingarian, Petroleum Engineer and Geologist: America is under attack. Our freedom and liberty is at risk. The goal is to displace capitalism with socialism. The mechanism is a very elaborate, ongoing, and evil plot to vastly restrict our energy supplies. In so doing America’s political will will be destroyed and our beloved country will find itself joining with the European’s and other countries in pursuit of a single worldwide government under UN control with a vastly reduced world population; a population no greater than a tenth of today’s. The Editor of has inserted (catastrophic) into the title. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and causes some warming. Water vapor is a much more important greenhouse gas. What we think the author intends to say is that carbon dioxide from fossil fuels is not going to cause catastrophic global warming nor an irreversible climate tipping point.

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