Today: 15.May.2021

Alexei Likhachev, CEO Rosatom: "We are convinced that the future of nuclear energy cannot be separated from fast neutron reactors and closed nuclear fuel cycle. Today Russia is a leader in this field. We are building a multi-purpose fast breeder reactor in Dimitrovgrad. In Seversk, we are running the Breakthrough Project, an ambitious pilot center comprising fast neutron reactors and facilities for MOX fuel fabrication and spent fuel reprocessing." Former leading countries in fast reactor technology have stopped developing it because their political leaders yielded to their own misunderstandings, to voters and to anti-nuclear organizations. What will be the fate of these democracies - France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, United States and the fate of nuclear power in many other countries?

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Peter Fairley, IEEE: The most advanced commercial reactor designs from Europe and the United States just delivered their first megawatt-hours of electricity within one day of each other in China. This is great for China. The United States is in the process of acquiescing to anti-nuclear organizations and their politicians by closing nuclear plants with no plans to replace them with more nuclear. Where will this lead?

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Brian Wang: China already generates 60% more electricity than the USA in 2018. China plans to double this by 2030. China wants to increase from 3-4% nuclear power for electricity to 10%. This will mean 300 GW of electricity in 2030. This would be about triple the US generation of nuclear electricity. Starting in 2010, China is now working on two very different thorium based molten salt reactor programs. One is based on liquid fuel, the other on molten salt cooled solid fuel. Both are designed for specific application areas.

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China has made phenomenal progress in their economy and standard of living since the 1970s using fossil fuels. Now they are focusing on all varieties of nuclear power. They will not tolerate ridiculous anti-nuclear fearmongering nor less than stellar regulatory agencies. They will have the best energy network there is to have and be in a position to aid the rest of the world. The best energy systems means the best economies, best standard of living and can mean the most effective government. Sad to see the United States falling so far behind due to anti-nuclear organizations, a less than ideal nuclear regulatory commission and a disorganized utility and nuclear construction industry.

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