Today: 03.Aug.2021

Thorpe Watson, Ph.D. in Physical Metallurgy & Science of Materials. Thirty five year career covering wide range of science disciplines plus 10 year investigation of the climate controversy: Climate is always changing and has exhibited at least four major climate cycles. For example, Canada has been covered with a mile-thick ice sheet more than 23 times during the current Holarctic-Antarctic Ice Age. Why is Russia increasing its Arctic fleet of nuclear powered icebreakers? Is the real estate market overwhelmed with ocean-front properties because of alleged, accelerating sea level increases? Are harbour masters having to deal with unusual sea level increases? The correct answers to the foregoing questions provide ample reason to reject the alarmist message.

Walter Aeberli, Swiss engineer and lover of nature and adventures in the outdoors: This is his communication to a life-long friend about an article in the Neue Zuercher Zeitung by Marcus Schaer: "Die Klima-Apokalypse wird wohl nicht ganz so düster. Dafür, und das vergessen wir gerne, droht uns anderes." This article quotes books published in 2020 by Michael Shellenberger and Bjorn Lomborg explaining that global warming alarmism has gone far beyond reality and is preventing countries from solving pressing real problems. There are photo examples from all over Europe of a robust climate.

Kenneth Richard, author about man-made global warming for Principia Scientific and No Tricks Zone: Studies of the Earth's average temperature from North Pole to the Equator to the South Pole from around 1900 to 2020 suggests that there has be no significant change of this global average number. But alarmists have many believing that use of fossil fuels are causing catastrophic man-made global warming heading to an irreversible temperature tipping point. Even generally rational scientists claim that the world is heading toward a temperature tipping point that can only be avoided by drastic reduction in use of fossil fuels. Our modern world is threatened by bad decisions.

Published in UK

Viv Forbes, Executive Director of the Saltbush Club: Australian politicians are trying to maintain their never-ending Climate War on carbon fuels while waging a Lockdown War on the elusive Covid virus and also provoking a Trade War with China, our biggest trading partner.

Published in Australia