(ABEN - Brazilian Nuclear Energy Association) Brazil - Recommended website

Article Countries: Brazil
Article Year: 2015
Publisher: ABEN - Brazilian Nuclear Energy Association

The Brazilian Nuclear Energy Association (ABEN) is the institution that brings together practitioners and researchers of the Brazilian nuclear sector. Among its responsibilities, is the dissemination of information on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy in different fields of human life, as the generation of electrical energy, medicine, agriculture and the environment.

2011 NCFCA National Championship

Article Countries: USA
Article Year: 2011

Mary Claire Birdsong discusses NCFCA National Debate Championship advocating for Nuclear Power.

2015 4th Year of California Drought - Nuclear To The Rescue

Article Countries: USA
Article Year: 2015
Publisher: Forbes

The only facility in California that does not use any of California’s precious fresh water is the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant which desalinates ocean water for all of its freshwater needs, even running the nuclear reactors. But their desalination plant is only operating at 40% capacity. They can actually produce a million and a half gallons of fresh water a day, and can ramp up quickly to provide the additional 825,000 gallons of fresh water per day to the nearby community. Because the Canyon Diablo nuclear plant produces electricity at only 4¢/kWh, the desalination will cost a fraction of a cent per gallon, cheaper than any other desalination facility. James Conca, Forbes.

25 Years of nuclear power in South Africa

Article Countries: South Africa
Article Year: 2015
Publisher: Nuclear Africa

Kelvin Kemm and Andrew Kenny -Coal stations can only be built near the coal fields. Nuclear can be built wherever we want, including at the coast and in the west of the country, both of which have growing demand. Koeberg has shown the way. Small nuclear reactors of the 100 to 200 MW size range will also come into being in the near future, they will change the world energy scene. Now let a new fleet of South African nuclear power reactors follow. South Africa needs them.

A Day With The Atom

Article Countries: USA
Article Year: 2013
Publisher: ANS, American Nuclear Society

As we reflect back over the day, we are no less than astounded by the degree to which radiation processes have already been harnessed to enrich our life. Recognizing this enormous progress, we can only dream in wonderment over what the future of radiation technology may hold for us and our children. See this article and more at: www.NuclearConnect.org

A Galactic Visitors Essay, Part III Going to the moon and beyond

Article Countries: USA
Article Year: 2020

Gary Young, mechanical engineer, major product development manager - Before retirement, he worked on product development that significantly contributed to profitability of a global technology company. In this three part series of articles titled "A Galactic Visitor's Essay," he uses a fictional galactic visitor to let his outstanding technical knowledge and practical experience describe important new ways to use existing nuclear power that can solve many problems existing today in nuclear power and energy needs in general. Part III is the presentation of his grand idea, starting in the United States.

A nuclear America can be a great America

Article Countries: USA
Article Year: 2016
Publisher: Environmental Progress, www.forbes.com

Michael Shellenberger, Founder-President of Environmental Progress: Global demand for electricity is set to rise 70% over the next 25 years. New nuclear reactor components can increasingly be mass-manufactured in factories and shipped around the world for reassembly on site. What’s at stake is a market worth $500 to $740 billion over the next decade and hundreds of thousands of high-skill and high-wage jobs. This essay applies to America and other countries who promote nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, and nuclear science for peaceful purposes. This new Atoms for Peace effort could inspire and unite the world around something almost everyone wants: cheap, clean energy and its beneficial and very valuable by-products and services.

A Nuclear Future BUT Fossil Fuels Reign

Article Countries: Canada
Article Year: 2015

Milton Caplan - Following the fourth anniversary of the Fukushima accident, it is good to see there is less emphasis on the nuclear accident and more discussion of the significant natural disaster – the tsunami and earthquake that killed some 20,000 and destroyed so much, leaving 300,000 homeless. It is now clear that the nuclear accident will not be a cause for radiation-induced cancer, food is not contaminated, and most people can return to their homes should they so desire.

On the other hand, in Germany a decision to shut down some nuclear units in 2011 immediately following the Fukushima accident and to close the rest by 2022 has led to a large new build construction program of lignite-fired units to meet short term energy needs. With several under construction and some now in operation, coal is producing about half of Germany’s electricity.

A Nuclear Option for Energy

Article Countries: USA
Article Year: 2014
Publisher: bloombergreview.com

In the wake of the 2011 accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, it may sound odd to say so, but here goes: The prospects for nuclear energy have never been brighter.

A pioneer in fast reactor nuclear power - Donald R Riley

Article Countries: USA
Article Year: 2015

Don Riley was a mechanical engineer and project manager on many advanced technology projects in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. His lifetime crowning achievment was the Clinch River Breeder Reactor Project in Tennessee in the1970s.. He managed construction of a first of a kind, advanced nuclear power plant and kept it close to budget and schedule. He used a project management system he developed and applied it across a large, diverse group of companies and government agencies. When anti-nuclear behind-the-scenes forces succeeded to get President Carter to stop the project, Don Riley was removed from his management position and costs spiraled before Congress shut off funding. Don Riley is one of a group of outstanding nuclear power pioneers, very different that many nuclear power advocates of the 21st century who have far less qualifications, unrealistic ideas, and unachievable promises.

A time for perspective

Article Countries: USA
Article Year: 2020
Publisher: village-news.com

The 20th Century brought horrendous suffering and death. The covid pandemic of 2019 - 2021 caused several million deaths but much less than other pandemics and acts of man. Politicians triggered a global economic downturn that led to a reduction in man-made carbon dioxide emissions. But this did not change the increasing atmospheric CO2 trajectory. The increase in atmospheric CO2 must be from another source, like release of CO2 from the oceans from a naturally warming world. Leaders of the free world are forcing very questionable energy policies (abandon fossil fuels and nuclear power - go with wind and solar). That is unjustified and scientifically baseless. The decisions of alarmist politicians and their backers will cause tremendous suffering and death. Our worst enemies are among us.

All About Energy Newsletter 2022 Issue 9

Article Countries: USA
Article Year: 2022

The main article in this issue is the World Report Card on Climate, Fossil Fuels, Nuclear, and Related Government Policies.

ANS Nuclear Cafe

Article Countries: USA
Article Year: 2015
Publisher: ANS Nuclear Cafe

American Nuclear Society, ANS Nuclear Cafe - Established in 1954, the American Nuclear Society is a professional membership organization of engineers and scientists devoted to the applications of nuclear science and technology.

The ANS Nuclear Cafe is a blog owned and edited by the American Nuclear Society. Information contained on the ANS Nuclear Cafe has been provided by numerous sources.

Argentina announces opening of 3rd nuclear power plant, Atucha II

Article Countries: Argentina
Article Year: 2015

Federico Bernal, Director General en Observatorio de la Energía, Tecnología e Infraestructura para el Desarrollo (OETEC): Argentina announces the beginning of commercial operation of its third nuclear power plant, Atucha II and plans for a fourth and fifth nuclear power plant.

Atomic Insights - Rod Adams - recommended website

Article Countries: USA
Article Year: 2015
Publisher: Atomic Insights

Atomic Insights LLC was founded by Rod Adams and is based in Virginia. Its aim is to produce and distribute accurate information about a variety of topics associated with atomic technologies. We discuss atomic energy, the competitors to atomic energy, radiation, the risks and benefits of using nuclear technology, and the hazards of avoiding the use of nuclear technology.

Atomic Power Review

Article Countries: USA
Article Year: 2015
Publisher: atomicpowerreview.blogspot.com

Will Davis is an experienced communicator, widely read author and well-known researcher in the field of nuclear energy. He is the Communciations Director of the N/S Savannah Association, Inc. and serves the American Nuclear Society as a consultant in the field of communications and social media.

Australian Nuclear Association - Recommended website

Article Countries: Australia
Article Year: 2015
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Association

Australian Nuclear Association -Nuclear energy is recognised internationally as an essential component of electricity system that meets global environmental and energy utilisation objectives. With abundant coal, gas and uranium resources and wind and solar potential, Australia is uniquely placed to set standards for integrated, environmentally sustainable energy utilisation. To be credible, Australia must embrace the domestic use and not just export of uranium to generate base load electricity.

Basic nuclear energy science

Article Countries: USA
Article Year: 2015

Jeffrey Mahn, nuclear engineer: This presentation addresses Basic Nuclear Energy Science. In order to understand nuclear energy and radiation you have to have the facts.


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