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CO2 hysteria

Leon Louw, Bonne Posma
South Africa, USA
Free Market Foundation

Bonne Posma, engineer, Founder and CEO, Saminco (USA) specializing in electric propulsion systems for off-road vehicles and underground mining conveyances with operations in China, South Africa and USA, principal shareholder in Liquid Coal, Inc. (USA): Radiation 101 is an excellent short treatise explaining this science to students and the public. Leon Louw, lawyer, economist, Executive Director of Free Market Foundation in South Africa, Director - Regulatory Affairs for Nuclear Africa (Pty) Ltd.: Thankfully, Al Gore, the “science is settled” man, is not a plant. He, and others who want to stop climate change, think they are so important that, after hundreds of millions of years of change, the climate should stay the way it happened by sheer chance on about Al Gore’s 60th birthday is how it should stay forever. That is bad for plants and good for Gore, and the rest of the anti-change anti-CO2 industry.

There has always been climate change, and would always have been, but Gore et al changed that inconvenient truth when they committed humanity to defy all deities by ending climate change and freezing the status quo forever. Climate is doomed to remain for eternity the way it happened to be on Gore’s 60th.

Anyone who prefers what happened before, or what might have been, or thinks it does not matter, has been excommunicated as an anti-social “denialist” heretic.