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Story behind climate alarmism

Ed Berry
Composite photo along Acorn Creek hiking path in Summit County Colorado USA elevation 9000 feet to 12000 feet. Fossil fuels enabled humans to stop plundering forests like they had done for centuries. Since we started using fossil fuels and developed more respect for the environment forests and nature have bounced back. There is more that we can do to protect biodiversity and forests. The world will get better. Catastrophic man-made climate disruption is an invention of John Holdren's imagination and campaign to force the world to stop using the most important energy source we have now.

Ed Berry, physicist and climate scientist: Fear is the greatest motivator. When humans accept a belief because of fear, sometimes they cannot recover. They can’t comprehend evidence that their fear is not warranted. Fear supersedes logic. Witch doctors, tribal leaders, and “fire and brimstone” preachers learned that a long time ago. To control the people, instill fear in the people. Today, we have two generations of people who have grown up with the belief that human carbon dioxide emissions cause serious climate change. See Ed Berry's very clear text explanations and John Shanahan's photos of nature around the world documenting how healthy Earth's climate has been for the last hundred years. Catastrophic man-made global warming resides in the determined mines of the alarmists.