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Climate Update - 2020

Ed Berry
The world appears beautiful and much the same since the 1950s a little greener a little more productive. During that time the catastrophic climate alarmists have caused millions of people to believe in serious man-made global cooling global warming climate change and climate disruption. A lot of people have accepted these catastrophic scenarios without understaniding basic physics or looking out the window to see the same beautiful springtime each year.

Ed Berry, physicist and climate scientist: Global warming is not your fault. Don’t over complicate climate physics. Simple physics proves the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, is wrong. Your carbon emissions do not cause climate change. Nature causes climate change. This article explains how carbon dioxide flows through the atmosphere, the oceans and land.

Government plans to capture carbon dioxide from power plants would be a tremendous waste of energy and money. It would weaken food production and thus make life worse for all animals, including humans. Many people in government and the voting public have no idea about science. This will lead to the downfall of freedom and free enterprise to be replaced by evil that will control most of our lives, what we can do and how we must think.