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Why it is not carbon dioxide after all

Douglas Cotton
Sydney harbour bridge - Australia. Can the increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide from 280 parts per million to 400 ppm in the last 200 years from use of fossil fuels cause atmospheric tipping point irreversible global warming Atmospheric CO2 has been as high as several thousand ppm in the past and there was no such climate crisis. Has physicist Douglas Cotton in Australia found the correct answer Might all the climate scientists working for the United Nations and many universities be wrong about man-made global warming Can President Obamas Science Advisot John Holdren be wrong also

Douglas Cotton, physicist: There is no valid physics which links carbon dioxide with the (natural) warming of Earth, Venus or any planet. Solar radiation mostly passes straight through the thin transparent surface layer of the oceans, whilst "back radiation" does not penetrate at all. Yet it is assumed that the total flux of both can be stuck into Stefan-Boltzmann calculations in order to "explain" the observed mean surface temperature. Editor, John Shanahan's Note: Greta Thunberg, Al Gore, President Obama's Science Advisor - John Holdren, Michael Mann, James Hansen, Pope Francis, their peers, followers and many others are very wrong. Stopping use of fossil fuels would be a disaster as bad as global war. Physicist Douglas Cotton explains climate science and what energy we should use very well.