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Against The Thesis Of Man-Made Global Warming

Walter Aeberli
Everywhere in Europe there are beautiful lush gardens this one in France landscapes well run cities excellent transportation culture museums and thousands of miles of bike paths. Anti-fossil fuels and anti-nuclear power alarmists demand abandoning use of the main energy sources that make all this possible. If these alarmists succeed Europe and North America will fall to enemies who dont even use guns and bombs. It will be the most amazing human disaster in history.

Walter Aeberli, Swiss mechanical engineer, lover of nature and adventures in the outdoors: This is his communication to a life-long friend about an article in the Neue Zuercher Zeitung by Marcus Schaer: "Die Klima-Apokalypse wird wohl nicht ganz so düster. Dafür, und das vergessen wir gerne, droht uns anderes." This article quotes books published in 2020 by Michael Shellenberger and Bjorn Lomborg explaining that global warming alarmism has gone far beyond reality and is preventing countries from solving pressing real problems. There are photo examples from all over Europe of a robust climate.