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Manns hockey stick ironically proves the Sun - not CO2 - drives climate

Roger Higgs
Research Gate
This six foot diameter boulder in Cornwall England was carried by a natural climate change ice sheet from far away and deposited on top of this cliff.

Roger Higgs, geologist, Founder, Geoclastica Ltd. It's vital that the public, and especially our children traumatised by outrageous 'climate anxiety' thanks to the self-interested inept IPCC and the clueless scare-mongering media, learn the truth about the Sun, Earth's climate, and hugely beneficial CO2.

GEOCLASTICA LTD TECHNICAL NOTE 2020-9. This 3-minute read makes it glaringly obvious that, unsurprisingly, climate change (including current global warming) is driven by our inconstant star, the Sun; CO2 is irrelevant. Naturally the United Nations IPCC claims the exact opposite, due to its grotesque in-built bias, i.e. 'climate scientists', a newly invented profession of opportunists whose careers DEPEND on public belief that perfectly natural, unthreatening global warming is man-made. IPCC's monumental blunder, catastrophic for society's wellbeing, is costing western economies $$trillions in needless efforts to reduce harmless (hugely beneficial) CO2. WHO AM I? A 66-years-old published independent geologist with a doctorate in geology (University of Oxford 1982-86) and 35 years' worldwide geological consulting experience, I'm now in my 5th year of self-funded (hence impartial) literature research, integrating ALL scientific aspects of climate change, including geology, archaeology, oceanography, meteorology, glaciology, astrophysics and palaeoclimatology, as opposed to 'climate science' (mostly computer modelling, 'Garbage in, garbage out'). We've been had.