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The cause of global warming - Hype vs Reality

Russ Babcock
Wilderness on Prince Edward Island, Canada. The climate in Canada has fluctuated within well defined ranges for millions of years. The climate today is wonderful. There is not going to be a climate catastrophe from use of fossil fuels. The only crisis is going to be caused by politicians and others seeking undeserved power over humanity.

The title of this article asks two questions. The author does not answer either of them. He explains how molecules like CO2 and H2O can (and they do) absorb and re-emit (i.e. scatter) specific wavelengths of infrared radiation (aka IR radiation). He is not wrong about that, but much of what he says is opinion or conjecture, and he leaves out a great deal of factual information that makes the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) narrative to be completely bogus. None of what he says answers these 2 questions. He just dodges them.