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Why CO2 and greenhouse effects can not cause catastrophic global warming

Terigi Ciccone
It snowed in Germany in AUGUST 2016! That and millions of years of scientific climate records should quiet the man-made carbon dioxide alarmists. But it doesn't. They have another mission. That is to control how much energy the whole world is allowed to have. That is as bad as any tyrannt dictator in history.

The UN/IPCC, NASA/NOAA, and their servile "scientists" and "universities," the media, and the politicians have been deceiving the scientifically unsophisticated public about the catastrophic global warming caused by human-made CO2 and the greenhouse effect. We will use simple words and concepts and provide data and the science to show why that cannot happen.

In Part I the paper summarizes how the UN/IPCC presents an incomplete and misleading picture of the Earth’s Energy Budget. How it tells us nothing about other sources of heat besides the sun, like the earth’s nuclear furnace or how oceans act like a climate moderator given its huge heat capacity. PART II presents 11 arguments against CO2 caused global warming. Explaining in simple terms and concepts, the difference between real-physical greenhouses and the misleading term of the “greenhouse effect.” It also explains the challenges posed by the concept of “Radiative Forcing.” Part III summarizes policy recommendations and procedural changes for NASA/NOAA