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Are we in a carbon drought?

Stuart McNish, William Happer
USA, Canada
Life on Earth depends on plenty of atmospheric carbon dioxide for plants to grow well. All animal, marine, bird,and human life depends on plenty of plant food. 150 parts per million atmospheric CO2 is the lower limit for plants to grow. 420 ppm where we are at now, is not optimum for plants. There are many ways for nature to remove CO2 from the atmosphere which we can't control. For politicians to waste money taking CO2 out of the air is futile and a total waste of taxpayer's money.

Physicist, Professor Happer points out carbon dioxide is an important trace gas and an integral part of the carbon cycle, a bio-geo-chemical cycle in which carbon is exchanged between the oceans, soil, rocks and the biosphere. Virtually all of life on the plant requires CO2 concentrations to be above 150 parts per million. The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere over the past 500 million years has been as high as 4,000 ppm and as low as 180 ppm.