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Can carbon capture and sequestration fight climate change?

Terigi Ciccone

The assumption stated and implied in the question is that human-made CO2 has increased global CO2, and this increased CO2 and the greenhouse effect (GHE) continue to increase global temperatures. But, as discussed below, this new fantasy of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) can become a global economic disaster even if it works. So, let us examine the relevant science, facts, and historical records and see where they lead us.

There's another deception here. People have been led to believe that CO2 remains in the atmosphere for a long time and keeps increasing and accumulating. But that is not the case as more atmospheric CO2 becomes available, plants and phytoplankton gobble it faster, allowing plants to grow bigger, faster, and more plentiful. This is demonstrated by the fact that the earth has been greening like crazy and arid regions are decreasing.