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About Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change

Reinhard Storz
Life on Earth, the Climate, the Solar System and the Universe are miracles of science and creation. CO2 from use of fossil fuels is essential plant food, not a polllutant.

The climate of our planet depends on numerous facts like: 1) Incoming solar energy, 2) Mixture of gases in the atmosphere, 3) Distribution of Continents und Oceans

The distribution of Continents und Oceans around the globe have strong influence on the climate. It contributes to the local formation of deserts and ice. For the global distribution of energy, Ocean- currents are more important than Wind.

A sinking content of CO2 reduces the growth of plants, they become stumped. At less than 150ppmv the last of plants we use as food stop photosythesis and die. And so do we.