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Comments on EPA Proposed Fossil Fuel Power Plant Rule

William Happer -- Richard Lindzen
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
The climate on Earth is the best in the solar system. We haven't found a better climate in the universe. Catastrophic man-made global warming alarmists in Australia, Europe, and North America are up to no good in their false claims that they can control Earth's climate by stopping the use of fossil fuels.

William Happer (Princeton) and Richard Lindzen (MIT) are career physicists who have specialized in radiation physics and dynamic heat transfer for decades, subjects directly relevant to the global warming debate.

In sum, the EPA has acted arbitrarily and capriciously in what it has failed to consider and what it has considered as the basis for the Proposed Rule.

EPA has failed to consider critical aspects and data that reflect the enormous social benefits of CO2, the enormous social benefits of fossil fuels, the scientific proof that there is no danger of catastrophic global warming from the use of fossil fuels and resulting CO2 emissions, and the disastrous consequences of restricting or eliminating them, including eliminating 61% of electricity in the United States provided by fossil fuel electricity plants. Under State Farm and its progeny, failing to consider such crucial aspects of the problem that the rule purports to address is the hallmark of arbitrary and capricious agency action.

The EPA’s proposed Fossil Fuel Power Plant rule is fatally flawed and should not be adopted, or at minimum must be revised from the ground up. As scientists, we urge the EPA to change course from the fraught path it has outlined in the Proposed Rule.