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Defending CO2 and our way of life

Thorpe Watson
Carbon dioxide is an essential molecule for life. All life is a wonderful marvel.


There are many existential threats today but human-induced climate change is not one of them, in spite of what Western leaders and the mainstream media keep telling us.

Are carbon emissions really causing a climate crisis and must we embrace the net-zero agenda to avoid a climate catastrophe?

The net-zero agenda is based on two assumptions: 1. Carbon dioxide (aka "carbon emission", "CO2") is a major climate-control variable; and 2. Our carbon emissions are a significant contributor to the total CO2 content of the atmosphere.

Members of the scientific community are still struggling to fully understand the scientific complexities of CO2-induced climate change (Assumption #1). However, the second assumption offers a simpler approach to obtain compelling evidence discrediting the net-zero agenda. This approach involves an awareness of the planet's inventory of carbon in fossil fuels (coal, oil, & natural gas) and an understanding of the mechanisms by which oceans store most of the planet's bio-available CO2.

Such an understanding reveals that our emissions have an insignificant impact on the total CO2 content of the atmosphere. Accordingly, our carbon emissions will not cause a climate crisis.