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Challenging Net Zero with Science

William Happer - Richard Lindzen
2023 -- CO2 Coalition
It is amazing to watch coleus grow into such beautiful patterns over the course of a summer. The world has had far too little carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for a long time. Replenishing atmospheric CO2 through the use of fossil fuels is a marvelous thing. Leaders with very questionable intentions are driving the world to Net Zero introduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Not unlike the death campaigns of the Nazis, Soviets, Chinese Communists, Khmer Rouge, etc. - John Shanahan, civil engineer, Editor of

Governments around the globe are taking actions to implement fossil fuel-free or “Net Zero” energy systems without a thorough examination of the scientific basis for doing so. This paper undertakes that examination by reviewing the scientific support (or lack thereof) that has been used to justify this transition to Net Zero. No attempt is made to address the significant economic, societal or environmental consequences of a near-total reliance on renewable energy and the required battery-backup that is necessary to transition to a fossil fuel free future.

The authors find that Net Zero – the global movement to eliminate fossil fuels and its emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases – to be scientifically invalid and a threat to the lives of billions of people.