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Prospects for Nuclear Energy in South Africa

Knox Msebenzi
South Africa
ESI AFRICA, Africa's Power Journal
Plentiful energy from fossil fuels hydro-electric and nuclear improves peoples lives tremendously and helps protect the environment and wildlife.

Knox Msebenzi, Managing Director of Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa, NIASA: Around 2007, South Africa's power utility Eskom got a go-ahead to have as much as 20,000MW new nuclear installed. The approach adopted by the government was not so much to procure nuclear power plants but to build a capability by localising the industry. This dream was on the brink of materialising with the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor when a political decision to terminate the programme was taken. The expansion of nuclear power generation would provide the necessary bedrock to further develop many other nuclear technologies that are not power related. NIASA believes the future of nuclear is very bright.