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Fossil Energy Shortages Cool Climate Alarm Policies

Larry Bell
Extreme oil shortages in the 1970s. This is going to happen again and again until we decide to use fossil fuels wisely and for their highest purposes.

What a difference a year makes in witnessing how rising petroleum pump prices and winter heating costs can bring about a chilling political climate change regarding the importance of fossil energy.

Petroleum prices in 2021 - 2022 have risen a dollar on average to $3.44 per gallon as crude oil prices which have recently passed $90 per barrel amid geopolitical tensions projected to go higher. These escalating gas and oil expenses have inflationary ripple effects raising costs for transportation-related industries such as air freight and trucking. In addition to increasing costs of everything that must be shipped, consumers must spend greater shares of their reduced purchasing power to fill up their cars, and heat and electrify their homes.